Ott Tänak


Ott Tänak, the reigning World Rally Champion currently competing for Hyundai Motorsport and teamed with Martin Järveoja participated in Rally Serras de Fafe & Felgueiras this past February and we had a conversation during Midday service.

Is the Estonian rally driver less confident after the crash in Monte Carlo? Find out in this interview...

Vera Von Monika and Ott Tänak

Ott Tänak "I always want to do my best."

Ott, it's great to see you back again in Portugal.
How are you feeling this afternoon?

It's good to be back. I'm feeling good, thank you.

What do you think of this Rally as test for Rally Mexico?

I would not take this Rally as a test, the conditions are different.

But this Rally makes you more confident to Mexico?

Yes of course. Every km is always useful and helpful.

Are you testing something in specific?

This is my first rally in gravel with this car, we are trying to understand how things work and get used to the car.

Ott, are you feeling some extra pressure after what happened in Monte Carlo?

It's nothing new, these things happen sometimes. I always want to do my best and that's why we are here today, to get more used to the car and do our maximum.

You were in M-Sport, then you changed to Toyota and now you are in Hyundai. Technically the cars are similar but what problems you face when changing team?

It is always difficult to change the team because you don't know the people. You have to get to know each other in the moments you are together. All these things take time and it's a challenge.

You are very familiar with the famous Fafe Jump, what's your opinion on the atmosphere around it?

It's a really special place, very famous. The atmosphere around it is great.

Ott, a last question. There's no female WRC drivers. What's your opinion on this?

I have no opinion. (Smiles)

As the reigning WRC Champion, you certainly have an opinion on this!

I think they should try.

Vera Von Monika and Ott Tänak